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Imagine yourself here!

Yes, paradise found!

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Greetings seniors of sunny Arizona! Where are you?

Drove down Arizona highways many times on road trips and vacations! Beautiful landscape.

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Share your cruising experiences. Which cruise line is your favorite? Which has the best food? Is cruising a relaxing way to vacation?

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Once Upon a Train

Growing up I was fortunate enough to be able to go on some very nice school trips. At the tender age of sixth grade I traveled to Colorado Springs and Seven Falls, Colorado with my class. We traveled round trip on a train (my first) and even spent a night each way riding the rails. That had to be the most exciting trip ever for me, at the time. I felt I had now arrived at "teenagedom," world traveler that I had to be. At least in my mind.

The beauty of the mountains, the landscape, the towns we passed along the way, took my breath away. So vibrant, alive, colorful. A whole new world I had never seen before. Just me, my classmates, and our teachers. It was both exciting and scary.

Sweet America, Pikes Peak Mounatin from Garden of the Gods Park, with Kissing Camels in the foreground, located in Colorado Springs, CO.

The morning of our arrival in Colorado we had a traditional breakfast but not at a traditional restaurant. Breakfast was served on a dude ranch. And, of course, I loved it, powdered eggs and all! Of the many activities and tours planned for us on that trip, breakfast may have been the most fun. Or at least the most fun meal. Of course, bacon and eggs always taste better on a dude ranch!

Draft Horse, Canvas, WV

NYC Food

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Have you ever stayed at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel? If so, please share your experience. Would you stay again? Would you recommend it to a friend?

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Fun Times - Traveling Seniors

Here's a clip of seniors enjoying their travel adventures. Take a look.
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