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A Trip to Anywhere

Image by liberalmind1012


I was watching the local education channel recently and suddenly realized that this network (PBS) has some amazing shows and commercials. Especially the ones about travel. I'm not a fan of commercials, but these and many of their shows make me want to get up and go somewhere, anywhere! Right now! That's what I call a "great" commercial or show. One that motivates me, energizes me. Wow! Anyone else up for a trip?

Images via Flickr: Globe by liberalmind1012; Highway by Horia Varlan; Creative Commons License.

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Why do cruise lines take seniors for granted?

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It certainly feels as if they are taking us for granted. A lot of seniors love to cruise--I'm one of them. Seniors represent a good percentage of the cruising population. Why, then, don't we get significant discounts or perks, as big spenders in the cruise industry? Maybe we need a senior cruise line. One that caters more to our needs and wishes.

At the very least I think we should give more support to any cruise lines that value us senior cruisers by marketing for our attention. Those that offer senior theme cruises, amenities or price packages targeted at seniors. Which cruise lines do you think are the most senior-friendly?

Image by http2007 via Flickr; Creative Commons License

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St. Martin, the Caribbean - Island of Fabulousness!

Image by imgdive

This is one of the two best trip reports I have read, ever. It was so helpful in choosing St. Martin (the Caribbean) as our villa rental dream vacation choice for a September-October 2010 trip (more on that later). Enjoy!

St. Martin Trip Report

Image by imgdive via Flickr; Creative Commons License

On the Road with Senior Travel Groups

Image by Lilly Hunter

I have traveled many times with local senior groups and clubs. Nearly all the trips are fun and affordable. I especially recommend trips sponsored by local senior centers. Give it a try!

Here's an article with some tips about travel with senior groups. Take a look.

Senior Travel Clubs and Groups

Image by Lilly Hunter via Flickr; Creative Commons License


Vacationing in Branson on a Budget

"The Strip" (Highway 76) in Branson,...Image via Wikipedia

Branson is one of my favorite vacation spots. It has a comfortable, at-home feel to it. Easy to get around, fun, and pretty affordable. Too, it has so many great live theaters, restaurants, cabins and vacation rentals. Just wish it was a shorter driving distance from home; flying's a bit expensive for me. But it's worth the effort. Link to this great Branson article.


Theater image by antisocialtory; Creative Commons License
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Interesting Bed and Breakfast Inns

Image by bagaball

I love B&B's. Could "live" in them. But a stay in one every chance I get will have to suffice. Here's a link to an article on some interesting, unique Bed and Breakfast Inns. Take a look.

Offbeat Bed and Breakfast Inns

Image: bagaball via Flickr; Creative Commons License


Trip Bits

It Ain't Heavy, It's My Luggage!

Here's a clip about a new travel aid gadget that might help make things a little easier when you're trying to figure out just how full you can fill those Louis Vuittons (luggage), really! It looks very convenient and easy to carry. There's the regular Ergo model and a smaller Mini model. And I believe they each can handle weight up to 100 pounds. Great! I just might get one of these.

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Villa Rental Joy

Alfresco dining is always great, especially with a beautiful view!

This villa reminds me of one I rented a few years back while on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. This one is bigger but has a very similar patio/outdoor dining. Several mornings we had breakfast out on this gorgeous deck, with a pool just to the left of it, and the waterway just ahead of the pool and deck. Beautiful. And so much fun to watch the boats sail by while having a cup of iced coffee. Ah, missing those warm mornings right now and daydreaming already about spring!

Image by Jeda Villa Bali via Flickr; Creative Commons License


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Fun Times - Traveling Seniors

Here's a clip of seniors enjoying their travel adventures. Take a look.
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